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Selected Group Exhibitions

1969                        Northern Young Contemporaries.

         Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester. Arts Council travelling exhibition.

1976                        First Artists from Cubertou Exhibition at Compton, Chichester.

1978                        FBA Galleries, Artists from Cubertou.

1978, 1980,   

1982, 1983               Cubertou Art Centre, France.

1976, 1978, 1980     Artists from Cubertou group shows in England.

1977,1978               R A Summer Exhibitions.

1990.94                   Summerleaze Gallery.

1995                        Alpha House Gallery, Sherborne.  Summer Exhibition.

1995, 1997               Royal West of England Academy.

1995                        A Blend of North Dorset.  Salisbury Library.

1996                        Pathways and Crosscurrents.  Seldown Gallery, Poole Arts Centre.

         First Prize Winner awarded by Department of the Environment.

         Quantum Fine Art, London.

1999                        Richmond Hill Gallery, London.

                               Bettles Gallery, Ringwood.

                               Bournemouth University Art Loan Collection,  Atrium Gallery.

2000                        Maltby Contemporary Art, Winchester.

2001                        Reinventing the Landscape, Warehouse Gallery, Dorchester.

         Summerleaze Gallery.

2002                        Maltby Contemporary Art, Winchester.

2003                        "Horse"   The Study Gallery,  Poole.

                               The Gallery Upstairs,  Henley in Arden.

                               Maltby Contemporary Art, Winchester.

2004                        Bettles Gallery, Ringwood.

                               Reinventing the Landscape,  Russell Cotes Museum and Art                                       

                               Gallery, Bournemouth

2005                        Selectors’ Selection, Sherborne House.

                               Art at Plush.

2006                        Black Swan Open (winner of Martin Bax award).

                            Bournemouth University Art Loan Collection

2007                        Slade Centre, Gillingham

                            Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton

                               Wessex Artists, Brewhouse Gallery, Taunton

                               Acanthus Gallery, Wareham

2008                        Art Stable, Child Okeford

                               Selected Dorset Artists, Study Gallery, Poole

2009                        Dorset Open, Dorchester

                               Art Stable

2010                        The Art Stable

                               Thelma Hulbert Gallery

2011                        Art House Gallery, Bournemouth

2012                        Hambledon Gallery 50 Years

                                Rural Artists in Residence, 23, The Gallery, Mayfair

                                Rural Artists in Residence, Slade Centre

2013                        Arthouse Gallery at Russell Cotes Museum, Bournemouth

                                Quercus Gallery, Bath

                                Looking Forward,  Canford Gallery

2014                         Hilton Fine Art

2015                         Dukes Gallery, Dorchester

One Man Exhibitions

1977                        Butlin Gallery, Dillington House.

1983                        Anthony Brown School of Music, Canford.

1987                        Seldown Gallery, Poole Arts Centre.

1991                        Vanners Studio.

1992                        Dorset Art Week.

1993                        Vanners Studio.

1994                        Dorset Art Week.

1995                        British Embassy, Paris, France.

1996                        Dorset Art Week.

1996                        Alpha House Gallery, Sherborne.

1997                        Bettles Gallery, Ringwood.

1998                        Dorset Art Week, Vanners Studio.

1999                        Alpha House Gallery.

2000                        Dorset Art Week, Vanners Studio.

2001                        Kelly College.

                                Alpha House Gallery

                                27, The Gallery,  Shepherd Market, London.

2002                        Dorset Art Week, Vanners Studio

2003                        Bettles Gallery, Ringwood.

                                Alpha House Gallery.

2004                        Dorset Art Week, Vanners Studio.

2005                        Alpha House Gallery.

2006                        Dorset Art Weeks, Vanners Studio

2007                        The Gallery, Shepherd Market, London

                                Alpha House Gallery

2008                        Unit,  16, Carlisle Street, London,W1

                                Dorset Art Weeks, Vanners Studio

2009                        Alpha House Gallery

2010                        Vanners Studio

2011                        Gallery 150,  West Buckland School

                                The Art Stable

2011                        West Buckland School

                                The Art Stable

2012                        Dorset Art Weeks, Vanners Studio

2014                        Vanners Studio

2016                        Vanners Studio and book launch

2018                        Chantry Studio and Gallery opening